NAME: Taisia

GROWTH: 167 | WEIGHT: 55 | BREAST SIZE: 2 | AGE: 25

Escort price: from $ 800 (Calculated individually) 

Taisiya with short hair and a captivating appearance. The girl has a beautiful sexy figure, a flat stomach and slim legs. Also, she is building a career as a fashion model. Constantly photographed for various popular brands of cosmetics, accessories and clothing. He devotes his free time to gym workouts. Likes to dance and go to a karaoke bar.


Individual escort Odessa Vip Escort Odessa

Individual escort Odessa is very popular not only among residents of Odessa and guests of the city, but also throughout the world for their natural beauty, cheerful spirit and charming manner of communication. Individual escort Odessa Vip Escort Odessa is always beautiful VIP class girls who independently work as an escort and use our VIP ESCORT escort agency in Odessa to find new friends in Odessa. When you have time or you need an individual escort for dating, you always have the opportunity to contact us and we will always help you. 

Individual ESCORT Vip Escort Odessa

Girls of Odessa will never upload their problems and requirements to you, they will give only positive emotions and a lot of sex to their generous fans who need an Individual Escort  .

Odessa girls are well educated and have a different profession, very good people with whom they can speak, know one or several foreign languages ​​(at least in English), and therefore there is no problem communicating.  Individual escort Odessa is smart, young, beautiful and sexy – just perfect women for all men. They look so different – blondes and brunettes, slim and busty, tall and tiny. If you liked the girl, you can book her for the evening or a couple of hours is a great solution. Just call us: CONTACTS.

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Individual escort Odessa provides Vip escort Odessa for those who are interested not only in excellent sexual pleasure from excellent professionals in this field, but also experts on their time and connoisseurs of female beauty.

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